the PuzzleDonkey

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got any questions? You might find the answers here. Or you might not.

What's this thing on my foot?

This is really only supposed to be questions about PuzzleDonkey. But see your doctor.

What's the point of PuzzleDonkey?

It's the front end for a secret government programme to develop an army of hyper intelligent killing machines with heightened puzzle solving abilities and an obsession with donkeys. We don't know why they want one of those.

Should I play on my own or with friends?

You can please yourself, but we think it's more fun with friends. Plus you're less likely to get stuck on a puzzle that's completely beyond you.

I don't have any friends. How do I get them?

There are many ways of making friends. Consider joining a club or society. By showing an interest in fellow members and discussing topics of mutual interest, you'll have a friend in no time! Alternatively, you could approach strangers in the street and ask them if they'll be your friend. Offer them money for a higher success rate!

Didn't this site exist, like, ten years ago?

Yes it did! It was incredibly successful, lasted four contests of 100 puzzles each, and then disappeared off the Internet.

What happened?

We don't really know. We think it involved a freak carrot eating accident.

And then didn't it briefly relaunch as a Facebook application?

Yes it did!

Which broke.

Er, yes. Yes it did.

You really are useless, aren't you?

It won't happen again, OK? This time it's here to stay.

Hang on - if there were four contests the first time round, where have they all gone?

We've picked 100 of our favourite puzzles from all four contests, so it's better than ever!

If I solved them before, do I have to solve them again? Can't I skip ones I've already done?

Unfortunately the database went down with the site, so your progress is lost forever. Sorry.

What if I played it on Facebook?

Ah! That we do have. Make sure you're logged in on this site, then click here and we'll work out which puzzles you solved on Facebook - then you'll get to skip those ones.

So, these puzzles - how accurate do the answers have to be?

Well, you have to get them right. But if there are different ways of entering the correct answer, they should all work.

It's just that I'm really quite sure I've got this one right, but it's not accepting my answer. What's going on?

You haven't got it right.

I'm stuck! What should I do?

Try the forum - you might find a kind person willing to give you a hint.

I've wasted hours of my life on this site. Will you reimburse my lost earnings?

Yes of course. Tell us how much money you would have earned, and we'll gladly send you a cheque.*

What are the rules?

Just be nice, OK? Don't be rude to people or try to hack the site or kick a dog or anything like that. It's not difficult.

Is there a prize if I'm the first to finish? In the old days you gave a prize!

In the old days they were all brand new puzzles so everyone had a fair chance. Some people have seen these puzzles before. If we do a new contest with all new puzzles, there might be a prize.

Can I make a prize and give it to myself?

Yes, you can do that.

I haven't got any other questions.

Then this is probably a good point to end the FAQ.

*All cheques will be sent within five centuries of receiving applications. Also, they will be invisible. And imaginary.