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Here is all the latest news regarding the PuzzleDonkey site. Check back here often to learn of latest developments, plans etc.

View your past guesses on the puzzle pages! See how silly you were before you knew the answer!
Sorry about the problems with the site - they're sorted now. We think.
We're having some problems with the site at the minute. Things will be back to sort-of-working like usual soon.
Colour blind players can now tick a box in their profile for alternative images!
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We are back! Bigger, better, bolder, older, balder and fatter than before.

We've launched the first contest with more to follow - all the puzzles have been regurgitated and undigested from before to test the theory that we can sell second hand goods at a vastly inflated price, like houses.

Enjoy the puzzles and give us feedback! You can also submit ideas for puzzles like before. Then you can be rich and famous like us. Or Rich and Simon like us.

The anticipation is huge...
This is going to be quite big...
PuzzleDonkey is coming back!